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NameSubject/EmphasisHow to ContactPhoneEmail
NameSubject/EmphasisHow to ContactPhoneEmail
Allison, Sheila Spanish I Phone 931-296-3911 allisons@hcss.org 
Barker, TIm Physical Science, H Physcial Science, Chemistry I Phone 931-296-3911 barkert@hcss.org 
Bentley, Bonnie Art Phone 931-296-3911 bentleyb@hcss.org 
Bentley, Michael College English, Honors Calculus/Pre-Calculus  Phone 931-296-3911 bentleym@hcss.org 
Blue, TIna Algebra, Applied Math Phone 931-296-3911  bluet@hcss.org 
Boldin, Randall World History & Geography, Head Football Coach Phone 931-296-3911  boldinr@hcss.org 
Brooks, Jeremy School Resource Officer Phone 931-296-3911  wchssro@hcss.org 
Bullington, Joseph Band Director Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4514 (WJHS) bullingtonj@hcss.org 
Cash, Jesse Driver Education, Psychology & Baseball Coach Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4562 (Gym) cashj@hcss.org 
Cathey, Jerry Economics, Contemporary Issues Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4562 (Gym) catheyj@hcss.org 
Cochran, Beccie Business Technology Phone 931-296-7867 cochranr@hcss.org 
Comer, Bryant World History & Geography, Sociology Phone 931-296-3911 comerb@hcss.org 
Cripps, Will Biology I & Honors Biology I, Assistant Baseball Coach Phone 931-296-3911 crippsw@hcss.org 
Crowell, Kenny Assistant Principal Phone 931-296-3911 crowellk@hcss.org 
Curtis, Kristen Counseling Assistant Phone 931-296-3274 curtisk@hcss.org 
Dell, Lori Career & Technical Education Center Director Phone 931-296-7867 delll@hcss.org 
Eilers, Debbie Functional Academics Phone 931-296-3911 eilersd@hcss.org 
Einerson, Robert Chemistry, Honors Chemistry I & II, Honors Physics Phone 931-296-3911 einersonr@hcss.org 
Graves, Trey Physical Science, Health & Athletic Director, RTI Math Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4562 (Gym) gravest@hcss.org 
Greenwell, Kim Algebra I & II Phone 931-296-3911 greenwellk@hcss.org 
Griffin, Jessica Marketing/Business Technology Phone 931-296-7867  
Herbert, Matthew U.S. Government, U.S. History & Honors U.S. History Phone 931-296-3911 herbertm@hcss.org 
Hill, Thomasine Vocal Music & Speech Therapy Phone 931-296-3911 hillt@hcss.org 
Holt, Tyler Geometry, Assistant Basketball & Baseball Coach Phone 931-296-3911 holtt@hcss.org 
McGown, Mary English II, Honors English II & Data Coach Phone 931-296-3911 mcgownm@hcss.org 
McMillan, Jordan Agriculture Education Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-3095 (Agriculture Department) mcmillanj@hcss.org 
Nolan, Michael U.S. History Phone 931-296-3911 nolanm@hcss.org 
Patterson, Ramona School Nurse Phone 931-296-3911 pattersonr@hcss.org 
Phy, Dottie Library Media Specialist Phone 931-296-3911 phyd@hcss.org 
Pickard, April Health Science Occupation Phone 931-296-7867 pickarda@hcss.org 
Porch, Rebecca Human Studies Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-7867 (CTE Center) porchr@hcss.org 
Prince, Jaqueline Business Technology Phone 931-296-7867 princej@hcss.org 
Puckett, Michelle English III, Honors English III & Creative Writing Phone 931-296-3911 puckettm@hcss.org 
Rawlings, Kevin Physical Education & Golf Coach Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4562 (Gym) rawlingsk@hcss.org 
Rawls, Clint Assistant Band Director Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4514 (WJHS) rawlsc@hcss.org 
Rivera, Ismael Spanish II Phone 931-296-3911 riverai@hcss.org 
Rumsey, Paula School Counseling Registrar Phone 931-296-3274 rumseyp@hcss.org 
Rye, Melissa School Counselor  Phone 931-296-3274 ryem@hcss.org 
Scott, Eddie Maintenance & Light Repair (Automotive) Phone 931-296-7867 scotte@hcss.org 
Stone, Stephanie H English I, English I, & Journalism/Yearbook Phone 931-296-3911 stones@hcss.org 
Stookey, Shawn Principal Phone 931-296-3911 stookeys@hcss.org 
Trotter, Les Assistant Principal & Boys' Basketball Coach, PE Phone 931-296-3911 or 931-296-4562 (Gym) trotterl@hcss.org 
Trull, Kathey English I, English IV Phone 931-296-3911 trullk@hcss.org 
Warren, Trevor Algebra IA, IB, Geometry A, B Phone 931-296-3911 warrent@hcss.org 
Watts, Gary Trade & Industry (Welding) Phone 931-296-7867 wattsg@hcss.org 
Showing 45 items